What is Bentobook?

Bentobook is a wooden laptop that can be ordered pre-assembled or 3D-printed at home. It will be shipping in the Spring 2020.

It's modular.

Each Bentobook is completely customizeable. Up to 4 add-ons can be inserted into the back, and 1 snap-on can be magnetically attached to the top.

Upgradeable & Sustainable

The earth can't wait for more sustainable products, and neither can we.

It's made of wood.

Each Bentobook is 3D-printed using a recycled cedar wood filament. We then sand down every Bentobook by hand, and finish it with an eco-friendly wood stain.

It's upgradeable.

Throw away less. When your computer gets old, you shouldn't have to replace the whole thing. Upgrade your Bentobook's battery when it no longers holds a charge. Or its CPU when it starts to feel sluggish.

It's repairable.

You won't need a genius to repair this computer. Bentobook is repairable down to the individual key by even the least tech-saavy person. An illustrated repair manual is included and affordable spare parts are available. Of course, we can always repair it for you.

Its shell is recyclable.

When you finally decide to toss your Bentobook - rest assured it can be recycled.

Pick an OS. Any OS.

Swap between Chromium, Linux, and Windows 10.

It runs Chromium OS.

Powered by almost identical software as a Chromebook, the default Simple CPU add-on is powerful enough for day-to-day activities on the web, streaming, and word processing.

It also runs Linux.

Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Raspian, oh my! Pick your favorite open-source operating system and have confidence Bentobook will run it.

And Windows 10.

Need an upgrade? Run Windows 10 with the Advanced CPU add-on and upgrade to full X86 laptop competitive with the average laptop out there.

Using a double-slot architecture, additional cooling, and powered by a Intel M8 Processor, the Advanced CPU add-on has 8gb and a 64gb SSD and is as powerful as a MacBook.

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Powerful hardware.

Speakers should sing. Keyboards should clack.

It has a mechanical keyboard.

Bentobook has a desktop-grade keyboard. We use Cherry-MX switches, a stainless-steel backplate, and a 60% hot-swappable PCB for an unforgettable typing experience that can be completely customized.

It sounds like a typewriter. Or not.

The sound of each keyboard is customizeable. The audible typewriter version comes as the default - with a silent version also available.

It has powerful speakers.

A dedicated amplifier and dual woofers let Bentobook sing and blast your favorite songs louder than almost any laptop out there. Finished in Guildford of Maine basket-weave speaker cloth.

Stream directly over bluetooth.

Connect via bluetooth to your Bentobook's speaker system, and let your other device handle the playlist and double as your boombox.

An ecosystem of expansions.

Every month we design new add-ons and snap-ons. So can you.


Use your Bentobook as a carrying case, and tuck your mouse right into the back of it for graphic design and gaming.
Sick of winding and unwinding your charger? Just pop it into the back of your Bentobook, and forget about those shitty chargers.
A laptop, is just a desktop with a battery and a screen. So add-on a CPU and a battery, and snap-on a screen for a laptop experience.
More physical, less digital. Dispense sticky notes, store sticky notes, and use your computer as it was intended: creating your next big thing.
Simple CPU
A modified Raspberry Pi 4 with 4gb of RAM and 32gb of flash storage, the Simple CPU add-on can handle day-to-day web tasks with ease.
Advanced CPU
A modified LattePanda is housed in this dual-slot CPU. Includes 8gb of RAM, 64gb SSD, and an Intel M8 CPU for heavier workloads.


Screen & Speaker
Combine a 720p touchscreen and individually amplified speakers to convert your Bentobook Desktop into a full-fledged laptop. Connects over HDMI and a USB 3.0 port.
Tablet Stand
Want to use a mechanical keyboard with your iPad? Grab the Tablet Stand Snap-On for productive on-the-go writing and drawing experience.

Ready for your first upgradeable & sustainable laptop?

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